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A Closer Heritage Walk to Boudhanath!

 December 7, 2019      By Himalayan Hero
A Closer Heritage Walk to Boudhanath!

Early morning or late night, walk to one of the UNESCO heritage sites, Boudha, is a perfect spot if you wish to witness the religious rituals of Buddhists with the architecture of Nepal.  Unique white dome-shaped structure stupa, in the local language, is known as "Khasa Chaitya".  

The stupa is considered to stand firmly on the ground with the height of thirty-six meters and holds a religious value for the pilgrimage residing in and out of the country. UNESCO inscribed Boudha stupa on the list of the world heritage sites in the year 1979 due to its aesthetic value attached to the religion of Buddhism. Not only, has the stupa been roughly surrounded by twenty-nine monasteries? The monastery holds several historic tales and is believed to have been standing tall since the fifth century.

Caption: The map of Boudhanath, where the main stupa is situated. (Credit: Google Map)

The main entrance of Boudhanath is famously called the "Boudha gate" by local people. The gate is gigantic having dragons on top with colorful flower crafts. Entering the gate we directly come across a dome-shaped structure and pure, mysterious eye of Buddha. When we get in, our ears automatically will get hold of Buddhist chant "Om maney pay mei ho", playing in a soothing tone whereas our nose will hold the smell of burning holy incenses. 

Caption: The dusky view of the Bauddhanath Stupa. (

We can also see a touristic information desk where SAARC countries guest is to pay Rs.50, Chinese visitors -two hundred and fifty, other international guests are to pay–two hundred and fifty. Take note that visitor's below ten years are allowed to enter the religious place without any charge. Moving, closer to the white stupa we get to see a huge crowd of people and small vendors selling multiple items.

Caption: The surroundings shop of Baudhanath Stupa, Bauddha. (Credit: flickr)

Now, let's talk about the left portion of the stupa. Moving left from the main entrance we come across another magnificent building having a huge bell at the front gate. When we further move in we get to see an astonishing statue of lord of peace, the Gautam Buddha. The building is two-story when we climb the staircase to move to the first floor we can see paintings portraying human life, past, present and future.

On the first floor, we have a prayer room with beautiful painting and a golden statue of Buddha's enclosed inside transparent glass. Stepping out of the building we come across an area where people feed grains to the birds and a small butter lamp burning lace where devotees were seen lighting the lamp chanting mantras with closed eyes.

Caption: The burning butter lamps in Baudha Nath Stupa. (Credit: flickr)

As head ahead we get to see coffee shops, tea stalls and monks sitting on public benches praying. We can also witness a small dog checkup post where wounded or sick street dogs are given treatment without any charges. The Boudha stupa has been connected with numerous small alleys way and it is not advised to get inside the tiny walking spaces without guides or travel maps.

As we move according to the circular structure at the end we come back to the right part of the stupa and then again get connected to the main entrance gate.  With this brief overview of Bouddhanath let's get into the list of things which we can do inside this religiously rich premises.

 TEN Things to do inside Boudhanath:

  1. Find a cozy and comfortable place and practice sound meditation. Sound meditation gathers up your thought to the surrounding around you revealing your stress.
  2. Buy butter lamps of your choice- ignite it, send a prayer to the lord of peace and seek blessing.
  3. Feed the birds (possible only when you visit the place early morning) with grains.
  4. Enjoy Tibetan local food such as "Khaapsey", "Laphing" and so on.
  5. Visit the college of Buddhism inside the premises and learn more about the culture and its language.
  6. Shopping for religious items having great value.
  7. Purchasing souvenirs for remembrance for yourself or your near dear ones back home.
  8. Praying and observing the devotee around you.
  9. Taking pictures of the architecture from rooftop café's or restaurants.
  10. Supporting the poor and differently able people found inside the premises, requesting you for some help.
A peace lover and an adventure lover personality will definitely love the place are one of the best sightseeing areas inside Kathmandu Valley. You need not need to worry about transportation and another facility as well as the stupa lies at a very convenient place where the public and private vehicles run 24 hours.

Caption: The panoramic view of Baudhanath Stupa. (Credit: Nepali Times)

You will also find a global brand like Adidas, KFC, and Anta across the street on the same lane as the Boudha gate. Also, take into consideration that the roadway near the heritage site is under construction so it is best advised to carry a face mask to avoid allergy and sickness.

For a better experience of heritage walk inside the stupa plan your trip with Himalayan Hero Adventures so that your travel journey is risk-free and full of fun memories. Plan your trip to Nepal, this Visit Nepal 2020 to unleash your traveling quest.


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