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An updated protocol & visa information for foreign travelers to Nepal in 2021

 October 10, 2021      By Admin
An updated protocol & visa information for foreign travelers to Nepal in 2021

In a bid to revive its tourist industry, Nepal offended its foreign visitors by kicking away the seven-day quarantine requirement on Thursday, September 2021.

It is advised that visitors to Nepal receive their last dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at least 14 days before entering the country. No on-arrival visas will be issued if the individual is not vaccinated or partially vaccinated.

Diplomatic missions in Nepal have to provide them with entry permits, and they have to stay in government-listed hotels for the ten days leading up to their departure.


In line with a new travel protocol, all travellers to Nepal must pass RT-PCR or Gene Expert, or True NAAT tests. The entry points for immigration require immediate antigen or rapid antigen testing for travellers.


According to the new protocol, the CDC-19-2016 program and a dozen other government-issued ordinances became ineffective on September 16 after failing to pass through Parliament within the constitutional deadline. The new program was issued under the Infectious Disease Act (1964).


All legal travel frameworks were invalidated upon failing to gain parliamentary approval for the Covid-19 Crisis Management Ordinance.


Flying to Nepal: What the international passenger must do?


All travellers travelling to Nepal should have their Covid-19 test results returned negative 72 hours before departure and fill out the international travelers' online form at with a printed copy at the airport to apply for an on-arrival visa.


Health Ministry-recommended isolation centers or hospitals are used for those who test positive. The new rules stated that the foreigners must undergo the antigen test at a hotel if an antigen testing facility is unavailable at the airport or immigration point. They are allowed to leave the hotel if the test comes back negative.


Travelers ought to bear all costs for testing for Covid-19, isolation, and insurance on their own. It is the responsibility of travel agencies to enforce all the rules set by the new rule.


A quarantine and isolation plan should be in place by hotels.


New rules require you to apply for a visa on arrival if you are not a Nepalese citizen or are married to a citizen of Nepal.


 They can proceed to Nepal if they have been fully vaccinated, receiving the last dose at least 14 days before entering the country.


For travelers transiting from Kathmandu's airport to third countries after staying a short time in Nepal, out-of-country travelers must provide a negative test result 48 hours before they depart.


Children younger than five do not need vaccinations or tests, according to the rules. Vaccination is optional between the age group of 5 years and 18 years.


At a glance: International tourists' travel restrictions to Nepal


Travellers with vaccines: Permitted 

Immunization Requirements (Vaccinations): 


Both vaccine- and non-vaccinated travellers can visit Nepal. In contrast, travellers who have been vaccinated may bypass the testing requirements that require them to provide proof of being negative for Coronavirus 72 hours before travel.

Regardless of whether they are vaccinated, travellers must have health insurance that covers illness and emergency rescue during the trip, proof that they have accommodation in Nepal, a completed International Travel Arrival Form, and an official tourist visa recommendation.


Entry for tourists: Partly permitted

PCR testing: All countries travellers must have negative PCR results.

Quarantine requirement:  Yes

Details of quarantine: For all countries, 14

days of self-quarantine is required.


Restrictions in the local areas

Effects of the lockdown: Partial lockdown is implemented

Event Type: Partially Allowed

Transportation: Operated with restrictions

Shop/stores/departmental stores: Open in full operations

Restaurants/pubs/bars: The establishments are open


Detailed Travel Advisory w.e.f 2021, October 1 

#1. Passengers must prove that they were fully vaccinated at least 14 days before arrival using a COVID-19 vaccination certificate. The following exclusions apply:

– Nepali nationals

– NRNs and their families (Non-Resident Nepali);

– Travelers seeking visas from Nepal diplomatic representations.

#2. Before embarking from the first embarkation point, passengers need to have a negative COVID-19 test result. RT-PCR, GeneXpert and NAAT are all excellent tests.

– Passengers under the age of 5 will not be subject to this rule.

#3. A traveler must complete an "International Traveler Online Arrival Form" online at

#4. Hotel reservation confirmations are required for passengers.

– The following do not apply to:

– Nepalese citizens

- Husbands and wives of Nepalese

– Passengers and family members of Nepali descent.

#5. At their own expense, passengers may be quarantined for ten days in a hotel.

– Passengers who possess a COVID-19 vaccination certificate indicating that they were fully immunized at least 14 days before entering Myanmar are exempt from this rule.

#6. Vaccination certificates proving that a passenger was fully vaccinated at least 14 days before arrival qualify them for a visa on arrival.

– Emergency passports, temporary passports, and temporary travel documents are excluded from the rule.


Concerning passenger management 

  • The team of the Ministry of Health will examine all the documents of passengers coming into the country. 
  • Staff should ensure the smooth departure for home/destination of persons wishing to return home/to their homes for home quarantine or following hotel quarantine.

Detailed visitor information for Nepal

· Beginning June 24, Nepal started flying internationally to Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Dammam, and Kuwait.

·       Visitors must present the following documents to ensure entry:

·       The swab results are taken within 72 hours* of the departure time for COVID 19 are negative. (Check with your respective airline to learn the time limit for the swab test)

·       You must possess a passport or photo ID card that displays your picture

·       A barcoded version of the CCMC form

·       The booking of hotels for self-quarantine for 10 days


Detailed Lockdown Information for Nepal

·       The number of people in a gathering such as this is strictly limited to 25.

·       In the mornings and evenings, most essential businesses remain open until 10.00 pm.

·       There is no limit to the hours that takeaway or delivery businesses can operate.

·       The use of face masks are not compulsory, but some services or areas may not be accessible if you are not wearing one.

Visa Information to visit Nepal this 2021, after post covid-19 

The Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu and border entry points in Kakadvitta, Birgunj, Bhairahawa, Nepalgunj, Gaddachowki, and Kodari on the Nepal-India border, offer visa requirements upon arrival.

Nepal's Embassy or Diplomatic missions in your country can also provide visas. The Department of Immigration, Kalikasthan, Kathmandu, can also issue permits (for renewal purposes). 

It is necessary to submit one passport size photo on a light background with a valid passport. The Immigration Department has not specified the sizes of passport size photos.

A visa is acquired through cash payment in the following currencies: EUR, USD, AUD, CDN, HKD, SGD, and JPY. The visa fee is not paid with credit cards, Indian rupees, or Nepalese rupees.

A. Visas for tourists

·       Fees for Visa Facility Duration

·       Currency equivalent to US$ 25/multiple entries for 15 days

·       Several entries, US$ 40 or equivalent currency, for 30 days

·       Multiple entries for 90 days with US$ 100 or equivalent convertible currency.


B. Free (Gratis) Visa

Only nationals of South Asian countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are eligible for a free 30-day visa on their first trip in a visa year (January to December).

The Immigration Department can, however, extend visas upon payment of a fee as mentioned above.The entry of Indian citizens into Nepal does not require a visa.

C. In the case of Indian nationals

In India, there is no visa requirement for entering Nepal.

The following documents are required for Indian nationals who travel to Nepal, as stipulated by the Nepalese Immigration services.

·       Travel document (passport)

·       A valid driving license with a photo

·       Government-issued photo identification card (Adhar card)

·       A ration card that includes a photo

·       Election Commission-issued photo identification card

·       Identification card obtained from the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu

·       Card with a picture of the applicants issued by Sub- Divisional Magistrate or by any other official above this level

Please note that Indian citizens travelling to Nepal will need certain documents that are required by Indian immigration.

D. Other relevant Visa information for 2021

The travellers from the following nations must obtain their visa to travel to Nepal, as they are NO visa on arrival is permitted at the immigration points of Nepal. The countries include,  

·      Nigeria   

·      Ghana   

·      Zimbabwe    

·      Swaziland 

·      Cameroon     

·      Somalia  

·      Liberia  

·      Ethiopia 

·      Iraq 

·      Palestine and 

·      Afghanistan 


E. Extending your visa when in Nepal

An individual with a tourist visa can stay for a maximum of 150 days on a visa year (from January 1 to December 31).

If you have any travel-related concerns related to Nepal, you can directly email us at



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