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A hiking adventure to the renowned destination of Sirubari, Syangja Nepal

 November 17, 2021      By Himalayan Hero
A hiking adventure to the renowned destination of Sirubari, Syangja Nepal

Sirubari village, located at 1700 meters above sea level, is an untouched Gurung settlement. There are several ways to reach the village. Personal jeep takes about 4 hours, and by local bus, it takes about 6/7 hours.
It is the daily lifestyle of Gurung community members that is the main attraction of Sirubari village. Nepal is home to several ethnic groups, including Gurung. You will enjoy a taste of authentic Nepali hospitality from these typical Nepalese villagers, which you won't find in big cities. Panorama views of the Himalayas are another must-see.
The trip to Thumro, which is an hour's walk away, is well worth the time spent to see its incredible view. The Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges can be seen from here. Stone paths lead to the summits. The locals' warm, welcoming, and family-like behaviour makes this village a popular tourist destination.

Credit: Hum Gurung 
Foreign visitors will find Sirubari village to be an unforgettable and rewarding experience. The PATA Gold Award for preserving Nepalese culture and heritage was given to Sirubari in May 2001 in conjunction with the Nepal tourism board.

The people in Sirubari are friendly, educated, and enthusiastic about their environment. Sirubari is a beautiful place in Nepal that is clean and neat. Tourism in Nepal is overgrowing, and Sirubari is the model for this growth. Like said earlier, a Pata Gold Prize was presented to Sirubari in recognition of its contribution to preserving the cultural heritage and environment of the village in conjunction with the Nepal tourism board. There is a management committee in charge of visitors' accommodations, sightseeing, and guided tours.


There are 60 households in the village, many of which offer guest accommodations. Each evening, the local Gurung community provides entertainment, which is usually authentic Gurung dancing and singing. Fresh food is eaten daily with the family, and each evening there is entertainment provided by the local community. The village combines Buddhist, Hindu, and Shaman beliefs. Its centre is a Buddhist monastery.

Mountains dotting the Sirubari range, your hiking to Nepal

Seeing the mountains is possible even if you are not trekking. You can reach Thumro viewpoint in one hour by walking above the village. A clear day will show you incredible views from this 2300 meter high point in Pokhara. A range of snow-capped peaks that will leave you breathless will rise before you, dotted with isolated farming communities. From Manaslu in the east to Machhapuchare and the Annapurnas to Dhaulagiri, the Himalaya giants are all lined up for your camera to capture.
The village life of Sirubari's locals, the hike to Nepal

The experience of living the life of a Nepali villager will be available to you during your stay. Whether you're out walking with your family, tending to animals, tilling the fields, taking the children to school, or sitting in the sun talking to your neighbours, join them.

You are welcome to stroll the grounds at your leisure, at your own risk, and see all of the developments that the community has supported and funded, including the primary health centre with a physician and the agricultural service centre. Also on the grounds is the veterinary hospital. In addition, the plant nursery and forest plantation area are on the grounds.

The list continues. Your new family will bid you farewell at the end of your stay, which will be an unforgettable experience. Your heart will never forget this village and its people even if you never return.

Credit: the himalayan times

Trips to Sirubari are filled with glorifying advantages in the hike Nepal

  1. Over the weekend, you can complete this trip! You only need one day from Pokhara to finish the trip.
  2. Despite the rain, the off-road route in the morning, and the lack of WiFi, one can enjoy the homestay experience because it's well-managed. 
  3. Whether you travel alone, with family, or with friends, it is a perfect place for a refreshing getaway. 
  4. The homestay offers warm hospitality. In addition, the rates are super affordable. The stay is under NPR 3000 per person because people decide where to place you, and hence the prices don't fluctuate from one house to another.
  5. The village is underrated, in our opinion. Despite being the oldest homestay village in Nepal, it is still hardly noticed and receives less than 150 visitors each day.
  6. After you reach the area, there is no chance of buying a Coke or Snickers since it is a village far from modern stores. You should make sure you have the foods you might crave while staying there. Make sure you bring the wrappers home with you!
  7. Among the highlights were the local kodoko raksi,(local wine) tato5. khana (hot meal), cool breeze, perfect weather, and a satisfying hike. You will get cultural experience as a bonus!
Is there a good time of year to visit Sirubari, for the hiking trip in Nepal?
Many plants and animals in this region and stunning views of Nepal's western Himalayas from two nearby hills. While there are several cottage industries, such as making paper and making traditional handicrafts, visitors can also visit a plant nursery for over a million trees and plants. The area is home to two small lakes, and birdwatching and wildlife watching are easy to access. Whenever you visit this area, we believe you will have an unforgettable experience.
For more information regarding the hike to Nepal in Sirubari, Syangja connect with us at Himalayan Hero.


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