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Shey Phoksundo Trek, the best trekking route to Nepal

 January 2, 2022      By Himalayan Hero
Shey Phoksundo Trek, the best trekking route to Nepal

Nepal has everything that trekkers and adventures lovers search and dream of. People around the world come to Nepal in millions of numbers every year. Here they come just to see Himalayas, fields, valleys, waterfalls, beautiful crests, people, culture etiquette, and most important is trekking.

Shey Phoksundo may be on many people’s bucket lists. Being surrounded by hills and forests, the Shey Phoksundo hiking destinations offer a panoramic view of the Himalayan range, beautiful landscapes, and refreshments.

Location, Origin, and Itinerary of Shey Phoksundo Nepal 

If you are looking for trekking in Nepal, especially in the countryside, the Dolpo region is highly recommended. The region provides a diversity of spectacular landscapes and ranks among the most scenic mountain parks in the world. Dolpo Shey Phoksundo is a majestic lake beneath Kanjiralwa Himalayan. The region offers you a magical landscape and scattered pieces of beautiful lands, people and elements. Apart from these things the region offers various Mountains, Lakes, and Hills.
Shey Phoksundo National Park covers a total area of 3,555 square kilometers in the districts of Dolpa and Mugu in the Mid-Western Region, Nepal. Located in Western Nepal Dolpa and Phoksundo hiking destinations offer a panoramic view of the Himalayan range, beautiful landscapes, and refreshments.

Itinerary of Phoksundo Lake

The trek of Shey Phoksundo is very short and relatively very easy as compared to another trek. It’s only a nine-day trip from Kathmandu, but it could be longer or shorter than depending upon you.
Day 1:
Before starting your journey you must have to pack your bag according to your needs. On the first day, your destination will be Nepalgunj. By air, it will take 50 minutes and by four wheels it will take about 14 hours. In Nepalgunj, you will encounter different ethnic groups, food, and bilingual people. It is a gateway to far western Nepal and popular tourist destinations like Rara Lake, Bardiya National Park, and also Shey Phoksundo Lake.
Day 2:
On your second day, your destination will be Juphal. To reach Juphal, it takes about 1 hour by air while by bus it takes about 7 hours. During the flight, you can see the magical views of snow-capped mountains and small settlements. Juphal is a small village but a beautiful upcoming tourist destination. Here you may feel colder than Nepalgunj as altitude increases. Then, you have to trek towards Dunai it will take about 3 hours by walk. 
Day 3:
After Reaching Dunai your next destination will be Chhepka. Which is 2,838m far from Dunai and it takes about 6 to 7 hours. Your journey began with the narrow streets of Dunai and crossing the bridge over the Bheri River. Further, the journey continued with a northern bank of the river to Sulighat before heading north to Shey Phoksundo National Park check-post. In the middle of the way, you will be able to see glimpses of Tibetan culture. After an hour-and-a-half walk uphill with the narrow trail of Shyanta Village, it will bring you to the village of Chhepka at 8,760 feet.
Day 4:
On your fourth day, your destination will be Chunuwar Jharana Hotel. To reach there it takes around 7 hours by walk. After leaving Chhepka, your journey began with the Thulo Bheri River. Along River, that Zigzag's path crosses through these valleys. On the end of the river, your trail becomes more rocky trails with ups and downs until you reach Renje village (3010m).
Similarly, after crossing Renji you will walk straight ahead and pass Sumduwa to cross a bridge that brings you to a different landscape with short thorny bushes. Later, those nude landscapes with limited vegetation, bigger rocks, and sand boulders, take you to Jharana Hotel.
Day 5:
Compare to another day, your fifth day will be quite difficult. Today, you will encounter a steep uphill that is covered with dusty and sandy. Your journey will take off with the big rocky cliff. The cliff leads you to the ridge that is decorated with prayer flags and marks up a closure scenic view. From there you can also see the view of 167m high Sulighat waterfall. A little ahead by walking you will experience the first glimpse of the Shey Phoksundo. Then after a few hours, you will pass the beautiful village of Ringmo overlooking the deepest freshwater lake.
Day 6:
Finally, four 5 days trek will reward you with a beautiful village that is around the awe-inspiring lake. It is none other than Ringmo Village. According to their local people that village reflects the Tibetan culture with carved Mani walls and Chortens along the narrow alleyways. After rounding here and there nears the lake you will experience the campsite as well.
Shey Phoksundo is aquamarine that gives shades of turquoise and the absence of aquatic life. Like another holy lake, the water of the lake is transparent and clear. If you love hiking then you can walk up to the Thasung Chholing Gompa. The beautiful monastery indicates Bonpo culture that offers a magnificent view of the lake from atop and snow-capped mountains behind it. After the visit, you will rest there and enjoy your evening at the Hotel.
Day 7:
As you have already reached your destination, your journey of coming back to the Tsepka Chhepka village will start. Then you will trek back to Dunai, the capital of Dolpa.
Day 8:
On day 8 you will walk back to Juphal. As we previous reach there it will be more convenient for us to choose hotel, and way as well. On this day you will trek for around 5 hours.
Day 9:
One of the most important things is that the flight time in Juphal is only morning. As the weather becomes more clear in the morning the flight will take you to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj quickly through a connecting flight.

Best time to visit Shey Phoksundo

Again like other trekking Area of Nepal, the idea of traveling to Shey Phoksundo depend upon trekkers themself.
According to the trekkers, the best time to visit Shey Phoksundo is autumn and spring season. This season includes the months of September, October, November, April, and May.
Meanwhile, during winter the park remains extremely cold. As it lies in the Himalayan region of Nepal, the park experiences snowfall. So, the temperature of the park drops below freezing points.

If you are looking for a memorable trip to Nepal, take up the best trekking route to Shey Phoksundo. As we are offering 30% discount on the couple trek, you can book now and enjoy the trek later. Connect with us to book the trekking route in Nepal.


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