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Pokhara City a tranquil destination: 11 topmost things to do when in Pokhara

 September 22, 2019      By 
Pokhara City a tranquil destination: 11 topmost things to do when in Pokhara

A smashing house to live in and a great car to rid does not give that much of gratification compared to a well-planned vacation in Pokhara city. For a new bee to Pokhara City, a tour package can do ample of justice, for with a help of the local guide and no head stead worry of transportation and accommodation issue, you can just soak yourself in the bay land of Pokhara and enjoy the entire trip heartily.

Well, they say, to see the actual heaven in earth land in Nepal, And Pokhara is one part of it. The cloudy mist, the majestic mountain, the composed lakes with bluish heavenly water is just an exact place to spend your vacation. After endless of hectic working hours, you need a break, after all for what reason are you working hard for?

Few friends and a set of luggage bag is just enough for you to smash the holiday. Pokhara was and is that charming destination that has always attracted the wanderers. It’s a terminus which urges you to stay longer than your plan. Surrounded by the banks of Begnas and Phewa lakes, and impressive mountains, no wonder its been labeled as a paradise.

Caption: The stormy David's fall waterfall also known as the Patale Chhango, Pokhara.

Pervaded by a wide range of culture and leisure activities, it’s a hub for traditional markets, cafes, monasteries, and unforgettable Nepalese food.

Commence a perfect adventurous journey from Pokhara! All set to drive to Pokhara and explore the rest of the beautiful place, then here we present the most exciting things you can do when roaming around the place.
Firstly, Pokhara is not an expensive place to roam around, so drop the ideology of claiming it as a hyped place.

#1. The ultimate ‘Sarangkot’ viewpoint
Hiking lover? Then this is a spot on. For a beautiful birds-eye view, of the incredible Himalayas, and the first glimpse of the rising sun, Sarangkot won’t depress you. For the soothing appearance of nature, you can either opt for the hiking trail or drive. The trail is sure to take you through the lovely forests, local markets, and some cozy local eateries. From the top of Sarangkot, you can see the whole of Phewa Lake, Annapurna, and Machapuchre range.

#2. Strolling the Phewa Lake
Just close by the Lakeside area of Pokhara, Phewa lake is the second largest lake which is 4.43 The green warm water is pleasant and calm inviting for a short tour. Along the shore of the lake, there are plenty of boats and rowers who shall not only company you during the trip but shall also share an interesting story of the lake. During clear days, you get a clear reflection of the white mountain range on the water surface.

#3. The calm “World Peace Pagoda”
Another charming destination right across the Phewa Lake. The pagoda was built by a Buddhist monk from Japanese Nipponzan Myohoji Order. To hike up the monastery, one needs to cross the lake towards the trail. From there an hour or two hiking is a must. In between, you shall come across a house built by an English couple, who have remained there for decades since their arrival in Pokhara. From enchanting to the exciting story of the monastery you can hear the whole of it. Upon reaching the monastery, your effort and energy are sure not to get wasted. Standing still is the beautiful white pagoda.

Caption: World Peace Stupa monastery, the ultimate destination for Buddhism culture.

#4. Exploring the underground Gupteshwor Mahadev
The stream of David’s fall goes inside a cave. A giant stalagmite inside the cave is honored as Shiva statute and every year Hindu devotee gather to worship the statue and hear the gushing sound of David’s fall. The cave is filled with stormy noise of water and detritus. Outside the cave, you can see handicraft materials and local made eateries.

#5. The Bat cave is known as Chamera Guffa
A spooky area to explore around. A dark cave holding thousands of horseshoe bats, clinging the ceiling of the slippery chamber. Daredevils can walk inside the vault and wriggle out through the tiny hole. A guide is there to take you around and inside the cave, while entering a torch is supplied.

#6. Opting for adventurous activities
Paragliding in Pokhara is a popular adventure-filled option for thrill-seekers. In paragliding, you can fly over the lake, cover the spectacular views of white shiny ranges. The paragliding activities is pocket-friendly and can be experienced by all. The minimum cost for it is $100 in which insurance and transportation are included.  On a regular basis, 250 flights take off every day during peak season. The pilots are internationally certified (FAI, APPI, and BHPA).

#7. Shopping & visiting Tashi Ling Refugee
A Tibetan refugee camp in Pokhara. There are several Tibetan settlements inside the valley. The refugees have restored their living by engaging themselves in selling home-made trinkets, carvings, and carpets.

Caption: The Pokhara market is all about handmade stuff, a souvenir store. (Credit:twirltheglobe)

#8. Ziplining in Pokhara
Let the adventure begin. Alit atop the hills of Sarangkot, the Zipflyer quest is stationed at the dramatic and scenic place. Event the enchanting view of the 8000+ meter of Annapurna range and dense forests. The zipline holds the length of 1800 m and a vertical drop of 600m.

#9.  Bungee Jump in Pokhara
Another popular exploration to do in Pokhara- 70 m bungy. Alleviate the fear and take a leap of faith. The water touchy bungee is available for adventure seekers every day. The average cost of a bungee jump is $100. Most of the travel treks offer a combo offer of bungee and zipline.

#10. Spa & Sauna
After all those walks, hikes and adventure, your body demands relaxation. The city is full of spa and sauna centers. Anyone can walk in without any prior bookings. Packages for beauty and wellness are also available at an affordable price. It’s just impossible to get a day wasted in Pokhara.

#11. Go local with localities food & drink
Pizza and burgers are not the local food of Pokharelis. Rich and dietary foods of Thakali culture are widely available in Nepalese restaurants. Not to miss the delightful juicy Momo, street foods, and local drink.

Himalayan Hero Adventure has a suitable package for the Pokhara destination. The travel operator also offers customized travel package with vehicle rent/ hire service. As they say, traveling relish your spirit and mind, so why hassle throughout the trip when we shall take care of every underlying issue.
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