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Ultimate Guide to the Manaslu Circuit Group Trekking and Permit Sharing Tips for Solo Travelers

 June 7, 2024      By Himalayan Hero Adventures
Ultimate Guide to the Manaslu Circuit Group Trekking and Permit Sharing Tips for Solo Travelers

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the most beautiful and less crowded treks in Nepal. This adventure offers stunning views, diverse landscapes, and a deep dive into the cultural richness of Tibetan Buddhist culture. However, there’s a challenge for solo travelers: obtaining the necessary permits. This blog will help you through everything you need to know about group trekking and permit sharing for the Manaslu Circuit.

Why Choose the Manaslu Circuit Trek?
The Manaslu Circuit Trek takes you around the world's eighth-highest mountain, the height of mount Manaslu is 8,163 meters from sea level. Here are some reasons why this trek should be on your bucket list:
Stunning Scenery: Experience breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks, lush green valleys, and pristine rivers.
Cultural Immersion: Range through traditional Gurung and Tibetan villages, witnessing local customs and Tibetan Buddhist lifestyles.
Less Crowded: Compared to the Everest and Annapurna circuits, Manaslu offers a more peaceful and pristine trekking experience.
Biodiversity: Encounter diverse flora and fauna within the Manaslu Conservation Area and also Annapurna conservation Area.

Understanding the Permit Requirements for Manaslu Circuit Trek
To trek the Manaslu Circuit, you need three key permits:
Manaslu Restricted Area Permit (MRAP): As a restricted area, the Manaslu region requires a special permit which can be obtain from Department of Immigration.
Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP): This permit is necessary to enter the conservation area of Manaslu which can be obtain from Nepal tourism board.
Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP): Since the trek ends in the Annapurna region, you need this permit as well which can be obtain from Nepal tourism board.

Learn more about permit cost, transportation and regulation: Click Here

Planning Your Manaslu Circuit Trek
Here’s a basic outline to help you plan your Manaslu Circuit Trek:
Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola
Day 2: Trek to Machha Khola
Day 3: Trek to Jagat
Day 4: Trek to Deng
Day 5: Trek to Namrung
Day 6: Trek to Samagaon
Day 7: Acclimatization day in Samagaon
Day 8: Trek to Samdo
Day 9: Trek to Dharmasala
Day 10: Cross the Larkya La Pass and trek to Bhimtang
Day 11: Trek to Tilije
Day 12: Trek to Dharapani and drive to Besisahar
Day 13: Drive back to Kathmandu

Group Trekking and Permit Sharing for the Manaslu Circuit Trek
The government of Nepal instructed that at least two trekkers and a registered guide is required to issue a Manaslu Restricted Area Permit (MRAP) through the official adventure company like Himalayan Hero Adventures. Here’s how solo travelers can navigate this requirement effectively:

Joining a Group with Himalayan Hero Adventures
Fixed Departures and Group Trekking: Himalayan Hero Adventures offers fixed departures and organized group trekking options, making it easy for solo travelers to meet the permit requirements and enjoy a hassle-free trekking experience.
Pre-arranged Groups: Himalayan Hero Adventures, offer pre-arranged groups that solo travelers can join. This is a convenient way to meet the necessary requirements and share the adventure contact us via whatsapp +9779801127073 to know more about our fixed departure.
Online Forums and Social Media: Explore online forums and social media platforms such as Trekking Partners and Lonely Planet’s Thorntree forum to connect with like-minded adventurers. If you're unsure about joining big groups for your Manaslu circuit trek, or if you already have a travel partner, these tips can help you in finding the best trekking partner.
At Himalayan Hero Adventures, we offer tailored trekking experiences for individuals and small groups. Contact us today to embark on your Manaslu circuit trek, whether you're ready to join an existing group or prefer a private journey. Say goodbye to waiting for fixed departures and embrace the flexibility of our customizable trekking options.
Sharing Permits for Independent Trekkers to Manaslu Circuit
If you prefer to organize your trek independently but need to share permits, consider these tips:
Coordinate with Other Trekkers: Use online forums to coordinate dates and share costs with other trekkers looking to do the Manaslu Circuit.
Solo Travelers: Get in Touch with Himalayan Hero Adventures
If you're a solo traveler, don't worry. Contact Himalayan Hero Adventures, and we will assist you in organizing permits and trekking in the best way possible. We specialize in helping solo travelers join groups and ensure a seamless trekking experience in the stunning Himalayas.

For more information and to plan your trek, visit Himalayan Hero Adventures.
Packing Essentials for Manaslu Circuit Trek
Discover the must-have packing essentials tailored to each season with expert guidance. Consult our team to ensure you're prepared for any climate or adventure. Don't miss out on these essential items for your travels.

Trekking Gear: Sturdy boots, trekking poles, and a comfortable backpack.
Clothing: Layered clothing for varying temperatures, including a down jacket and thermal wear.
Safety Gear: First aid kit, water purification tablets, and a trekking map will be provided by Himalayan Hero Adventures.
Permits and Documentation: Before your departure Himalayan Hero Adventures will make sure of all documents.
Best Time to Trek  Manaslu Circuit
Spring (March to May): Ideal for blooming rhododendrons and clear skies.
Autumn (September to November): Perfect weather with stable conditions and vibrant festivals.

Trekking the Manaslu Circuit is a lifetime adventure that offers incredible natural beauty and adventure experiences. While the permit requirements can be a bit tricky for solo travelers as you can’t trek alone in Manaslu circuit, joining a group or sharing permits makes it practical. If you want to get your trek booked by today contact us now at Himalayan Hero Adventures we will give you the best of best with personal touch.
If you want to know about specific details about Manaslu Circuit Trek reach to us via whatsapp +9779801127073 or Email:


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