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7 minute yet entertaining things to do in Chitwan this 'Visit Nepal 2020'

 September 30, 2019      By 
7 minute yet entertaining things to do in Chitwan this 'Visit Nepal 2020'

Chitwan is a land of savannas and low-lands. After Kathmandu and Pokhara, Chitwan is the most preferred destinations by the tourists. The city holds vibrancy, warmness and is situated at the southern sub-tropical part of the country. The place remains in the inner portion of terai on the banks of Narayani River and is the holistic, adventurous and shopping destination for most of the people.

You might not believe it, but inside Chitwan itself, nearly 24 different languages are spoken. Before jumping on the interesting things that you can do in Chitwan, let's ruffle the history of Chitwan.

Historical Overview of Chitwan

The word “Chitwan” is composed of the Sanskrit word “Citta” which means 'heart' and 'wan; means forest. When you join both the word yes you get a proper word carrying a deeper meaning which is 'Heart of the Jungle'. Ruled by a Tharu King, Chitrasan Baba, the place got its name as Chitwan.

Since, then Chitwan is known for its dense forest, rare vegetation, flora, birds, and the Tharu tradition.

7 interesting activities to do inside the territory of Chitwan

#1. Tastiest Meaty, Juicy Cuisine

Once you enter Chitwan don't miss eating the popular tasty Taas. Tass is a tasty dish made up of spicy fried goat meat served with beaten rice and side salads. Along with Taas, a staple of Nepal 'Dal-Bhat' with a local chicken, fresh farm vegetables is definitely not to miss.

Caption: A plate ful of  Chitwan tas shall make you want more. (Credit: Bhetghat)

#2. Cycling inside Chitwan

Popular destinations inside Chitwan are easily accessible through cycles or by foot. But, cycling inside Sauraha and outside the tourist frame, you get to visualize the true Nepali lifestyle. With just Rs.50 for three hours, you can quench your cycling desire. You can cycle inside the conservation area, bazars, and nearby Rapti river.

#3. Village Walk into the Mainland of Chitwan

Chitwan is highly famous for the Tharu tradition. The inheritance of ancestral culture, the Tharu community is mostly sought by the tourists. Fumbling on the history of the Tharu community, they carry the legacy of Rajasthan. They are hostile, warm and entertaining people who prefer to live their life at the fullest. Not to miss their cultural dance. Draped in white clothes and sparkling silver jewelry, the Tharu women appear mesmerizing while the men, to prove their masculinity carry stick, and wear white clothes.

Caption: The local delights of Tharu Community in Chitwan. (Credit: Chitwan Tourism)

#4. The phenomenal Tharu Cultural & Stick Dance

A unique dance performance is conducted every evening in Sauraha. The show may be before dinner or after evening dinner, depending on the respective show time. The show is sure to left you wandering. Those stick movements, hand movements, songs shall make you want more of the performance.

#5. The Sunset viewing in Rapti

Your mind and body ask for a break and relaxation. The banks of the Rapti river is a perfect place to lay down and enjoy a cool drink. The evening glance, the setting sun, the green forests across the Rapti river, the slow-paced mover alligator, the home returning birds in the sky, is enough for you to lay back. To enjoy a still evening, its a perfect place.

#6. Walking Safari in the outskirts of Chitwan National Park

Jungle exploring is another small yet exciting adventure. You can walk in the habitats where you can closely observe the rare vegetation. If you are lucky you may get a chance to see Rhinoceros, Boars, Deers, Kingfisher, Wood pecker, Pelican, Crocodile and more.

Caption: A closer look to nature, safari inside the Jungle of Chitwan. (Credit: Wikiloc)

#7. A paradise for the bird watcher

You can sit for hours near the Rapti river observing the movement of birds. Every year thousands of birds migrate to Chitwan. Not only that Chitwan is the home of 600 scarce birds. Giant Hornbill, Lesser Florican, Paradise flycatcher are some exotic creatures which you can take a glimpse of. If you want to watch birds, don't forget to bring a hat, and a binocular.

For a solo traveler or a group travel Chitwan shall never let you down. Instead, the place shall be a bench-mark which you would want the other places to meet. The above 7 interesting and entertaining ideas, though are small activities it can give you an immense amount of happiness. Chitwan is not just filled with these tranquil adventures, it also consists of vibrant, thrilling, and historical pursuit.

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